La Cienaga

This week I watched the film “La Cienaga” directed by Lucretia Martel. Here are 3 scenes that I diagrammed to show the different camera shots in film.

The first scene happens early on in the film and depicts  4 girls trying to shop for Jose. They end up having Perro try on the shirt to ensure that it would fit. Also, I had difficulty remembering the names of the girls throughout the film so I used letters to distinguish them here.

La cienaga diagram scene 1.png


The next scene I chose to diagram was the last scene. Although it is short, it is important because it is the last thing that the director gives the audience.


For the last scene to diagram, I wanted to circle back to the very first scene, since I forgot what it was. I thought it would be interesting to compare the very first scene with the very last one.

La cienaga diagram scene 3.png




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